Thorough Carpet Cleaning 

Dean Clean experience Carpet Cleaning Company in Hull is a specialist leading independent domestic and commercial Carpet Upholstery and Oriental rug cleaning business in Hull and East Yorkshire. Deep Clean staff is all fully trained to a very high standard use in the most advanced cleaning techniques, reassuring that all your carpet cleaning needs are cleaned to a brilliant finish. Deep Clean Carpet Cleaners, specialists in professional quality deep cleaning way down to the base of your carpets, leaving them with a very thorough cleaning. We are a well-established Carpet Cleaning company with 16 years’ experience. Our prices are very competitive and good value for money. Our cleaning process is non-toxic and will not cause any colour run. We use the most advanced cleaning method call hot water extraction – also known as steam cleaning. We can dry clean carpet as well if need be. But we will always use the correct method of cleaning. Call Deep Clean on our Free Phone Number 0800 0614347

Frequently Asked Questions

If the Question and Answer is not here, please call Deep Clean in Hull on 07780173829 and ask any Questions you need to.I will be happy to Answer any Questions you may have.

Carpet Cleaning Questions Hull

1. How Long With It Take You To Clean The Carpet Or Upholstery

It all depends on the type of material or fabric to be cleaned, and the degree of soiling, but most Upholstery can takes between 2 and 4 hours to clean. Carpet can takes anything from one hour to 2 hours to clean from start to finish .

2.  How Long Is The Drying  Times.

It hard to give a drying time, because just like your washing, they all have difference drying times. Most man made carpets can dry in 2 hours or less, but wool will take longer to dry. Upholstery can take From 3 hours to 10 hours to dry completely.

3 Appointment times

Deep Clean carpet cleaners are always on time for Appointment, if we are going to be late or early we will always inform you before hand

4  Do You Move The Furniture

Yes we can move the heavy Furniture, all we ask you to do is move all the small things from the room. Then just leave the rest to Deep Clean.

5  The Price To Clean Carpets And Upholstery

It  very hard to give a price on the phone sometimes due to  very different types of material and fabric and the size of the carpets or upholstery to be clean.  It is best if we come to inspect the item to be cleaned and give you a Free quotation.

6  Chemical Free

Most of our product is Chemical Free, and are made from natural product, so will not cause any cleaning problems at all, make in it safe to use.

7  The System Used To Clean

We use a  Power-Flite PFX1085EAW-2UK featuring the innovative new CAT PUMP 1XP and Lamb Ametek   6.6" peak Air watt high Performance vacuum motor offers maximum power to recover the cleaning solution from carpets and upholstery giving you quicker drying times. With up to 500psi of pressure and 3000 watt heat in system that will cut through heavy and greasy soil. This is one mean carpet cleaning Machines.

8 Cleaning Result

The cleaning results will depend  on a lot of factors, When was the carpet last clean, is the carpet full of stains,  as the customer made it worst by try in to clean the carpet them self. Is the carpet heavily soiled?  Deep clean will always do the best cleaning job they can. Please take a look at the photos on the web site to see our cleaning results.

9  Are You Fully Insured

 Yes Deep Clean cleaning services is fully Insured.

10 What If I am Not Happy With A Certain Area Of  The Cleaning 

 If you are not happy with any certain area of the cleaning when the carpet or upholstery is dry, we will be happy to come back and clean that certain area of cleaning for free.