Upholstery Cleaning | Dralon Suite

Dralon is a very hard wearing upholstery fabrics and clean up great. It one of the best suite fabrics on the market to day. Many of my customers ask Deep Clean in Hull how we clean the Dralon sofa.

#Dralon can be dry clean wet clean or wet and dry clean depending on degree of soiling and how long it been there. Deep Clean will give the upholstery a through vacuuming 1st which will take 80% of the dry soil and dust which will give abetter performance cleaning with the with state-of-the-art industrial cleaning machine.

The next thing is to spray the suite with a safe cleaning solution then agitate with a special upholstery cleaning brush to loosen any dirt , then give the upholstery a deep clean with the carpet cleaning machine, and then ready for inspection by the customer.

Upholstery can take any thing from 2 to 3 hours to clean the suite in a professional proper manner. stains are treated to their best advantage, but some times not all stains may not come out, but Deep Clean will always do is best. Need any advice or information call Deep Clean on 07780173829

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