Microfiber Upholstery

It amazing how many customers ask me about Microfiber Upholstery, and can it be cleaned. Yes it can be cleaned, but it has it Cleaning Limitations, But Deep clean has the experience to clean this material.

If this material is cleaned the wrong way, a lot of damage can be caused , this Upholstery is Specialist Cleaning.

Can the customer cleaned this upholstery them self. Yes you can, but I do not advise this . This material can Ripple if it completely over wet , and not use very hot water. It also depends on the backing material to, On some if you use very strong solvents the material can or may come away from the backing material. Clean this sofa material with care.

If you have any cleaning problems with this material then Please call Deep Clean for any advice, or if you would like Deep Clean to cleaned this material then please call me on 088 0614373

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